There are a million different design firms to select from and tons of solutions to your individual needs. What makes Down2Mars Different?

We believe in taking an individual approach to every project that we work on. We know that every business is unique not only in its offering, but in its philosophy. It is criminal to slap your dreams into a template. We also know that everyone has a budget. Down2Mars will actually talk with you about the heart of your company, your marketing plans and goals for the future and lead you through the whole process. The foundation of your solutions - whether they will be a logo, brochure, or website - will be a true design concept that is rich in depth and meaning. The end results always far exceed the expectations of our clients.

Down2Mars's creative group has a single mission: to help clients achieve the highest possible return on their creative investments. We call this idea "Creative Return," and we offer a suite of services designed to help companies achieve it by using People, Process, and Technology with the greatest possible efficiency.

Our Approach

At the root of any successful campaign are "People". Design solutions are only as good as the people who concieve them. That's what makes the difference.

Down2Mars has talented design professionals with years of experience creating solutions for companies and corporations across many industries. And unlike many firms, we don't believe in levels of middlemen. You work hand in hand with your designer. This direct communication promotes a more cohesive team admosphere, so that nothing is left misunderstood.

Our design philosophy has been developed from years of research and experience. It's the Method to our Madness.

Discover the creative challenge.

Determine the goals.

Generate and select options.

Give life to the ideas.

Review the solution against the original objectives.

Down2Mars has years of experience developing creative and technical solutions that take advantage of the latest technologies and industry insights.

For the same reason you would call a plumber when a pipe bursts you should enlist the services of a professional to answer your website challenges.
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