Down2Mars Design Studio

Down2Mars is a full service graphic design studio located in Atlanta, GA. Our talented professionals specialize in creating compelling design solutions with a commitment to people, timeframe, and budget.

For almost 20 years Down2Mars has delivered creative and technology solutions for small businesses. We are a small group of expert individuals with years of industry experience. Our skills and methods have been battle tested and ready to go to work for you. Our tireless efforts to insure client satisfaction is top priority.

Our Mission

Down2Mars's mission is to become a leading provider of creative and technology solutions to growing businesses and brands. Simply put, we want to help your business become a vibrant, thriving enterprise. Our goal is your satisfaction.

Our Business Philosophy

Our philosophy is that excellence comes from great teams working together to deliver superstar results. Our employees are passionate about our focus on the quality, sustainability, and business viability of the solutions we deliver.

Creating long-term solutions for our clients is our priority. Short-term fixes are not part of the equation. We expect our clients to be satisfied customers for years into the future.

Our interdisciplinary approach and our experience in developing solutions that are stronger than any single discipline allow us to do what we do best - focus on what works, which in our experience means seeking simplicity in solutions, never losing sight of the end goal, and reinforcing our clients' values. We succeed by helping our clients succeed. We know that the best way to grow our business is to help our clients grow theirs.
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