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Web Presence
Custom Internet Solutions
Today's websites have evolved well beyond online brochures. Savvy businesses have realized sticking their logo into a template and casting it into the online marketplace yields little to no residual effects on their business bottom-line.

Does your website work for you or do you work for it? If your web solution is not effecting your bottom-line, it's not much of a solution. Down2Mars's expertise comes from working with some of the most prominent web companies in the business. Our solutions are developed with a solid understanding of web technology, business and how the two communicate.

Whether your organization is looking to create, expand or reinvent your online presence for customers or partners or to build an enterprise portal or intranet to improve internal communications and operational efficiency, Down2Mars can help. We have experience in helping clients envision and deploy web capabilities that generate measurable business value and delight the people who use them.
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Brand & Corporate Identity
Marketing Strategy and Design
Your corporate identity is more than a name, logo, or tagline. Just as your personality, abilities, and physical characteristics help set you apart from anyone else, so should the identity of your company or organization. Your corporate identity should consistently reinforce the belief of the customer that they have made the right choice in choosing your brand.

Down2Mars can work with you to develop your brand. Developing your brand or corporate identity is very important is determining your value proposition to the marketplace - one that will inspire customers to buy, investors to invest, and employees to support organizational goals. Your brand is you, your values, and should not only represent your present, but also your direction.
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Print & Illustration
Graphic Design and Desktop Publishing
The branding of your product or service starts with quality graphic design. It is through your corporate branding graphic design that your client will learn to value your product or service, and distinguish it from its competitors. Down2Mars' graphic design services goal is to fully support your branding strategy, and consistently promote your products and services with outstanding graphic design focused on achieving your business goals.

Lack of consistency can pollute a company's brand. Consumers are bombarded by thousands of advertising images on a daily basis, so companies must promote their brand consistently. However, many organizations lose control of their identity when staff members do not follow branding guidelines properly.

Down2Mars can fully develop and manage your brand identity to ensure you maximize your brand exposure through all your marketing and advertising efforts. Down2Mars works with new or existing brands to enhance brand perception in internal and external environments, providing a consistent look and feel through fully integrated marketing communications.
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